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5 Things I Want to Help my Audience with

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If someone, one day, had told me that ‘when I was growing up’ I would have created my own blog and told my personal story and adventures… Well, I would have burst into a big thunderous laugh!

People who have met me, know very well how reserved I am, especially about my personal life. Being an introvert, in fact, often leads me to be more listener than narrator but for once I decided to take on the role of the latter and make myself the protagonist and the narrator of this story.

Not that this was easy! It took me almost 2 years of procrastination. Then finally the choice…The choice to put myself on the line, to show my vulnerability, to be authentic and courageous. I mean courage as the willingness to do something when there are no guarantees of success, as acceptance of myself and my story… courage to be imperfect.

Vulnerability sounds like Truth and feels like Courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.”

Brene’ Brown

This blog was born with the idea of helping all women who need to be heard; who need to learn to love themselves and find a smile again; who live their discomfort in silence; who suffer and cannot find peace; who do not accept their condition; who can’t say ‘NO’: who need to give voice to their heart. All those women who fall, get up and look forward with an extraordinary strength that they don’t even know they have.

This blog is my space, my creature, my way of expressing myself and sharing my personal story.

This blog exists to help myself to be a better person and continue my journey of personal growth; to find inspiration and motivation when I lose my comet star; to give a purpose to my story and turn all the pain and frustration into something positive that can give hope and desire to live.

Here are the 5 main things you’ll find reading my blog:

1. Encouragement to live the life you deserve and have always wanted to live

How many times in our life do we stop to ask ourselves if we are happy? How many times do we stop to look around us, observe our life with new eyes and ask ourselves if what we have is really what we want in this precise moment? How many times do we ask ourselves if what we do makes us happy? Does it feed our soul and give purpose to our life?

It is difficult, extremely difficult. Especially when we suspect that the answers are not what we expect.

Becoming aware of ourselves, our lives, our feelings and our paths is the first important and arduous step towards the happy life we ​​have always dreamed of. Then comes the change: an essential element for our growth, not always well-liked, but necessary.
Change (be it home, husband, city, country, hair colour, work, etc.) requires courage, strength, determination… support! Because there will be times when everything seems too difficult and the only thing that seems possible is to let go and go back. But we can’t! Once we have become aware, going back is impossible. And that’s when we need someone to remind us why we started our journey and where we want to go.

2. Guidelines on how to live a happy life while struggling with PMDD

After discovering about my PMDD I tried everything. I have read hundreds of articles and books, done researches, consulted doctors and specialized organizations. One of the things that didn’t give me peace at first was the absence of a specific cure (which for my scientific mind was difficult to accept!). There are several treatments available but, unfortunately, no one size fits all. The only thing to do is to try until you find what you’ll be better off. I have tried many and I want to share step by step my failures as well as my successes in order to provide you with guidance when the road seems lost.

3. Help to discover (or rediscover) how to fall in love and believe in yourself

They say that to be happy and to love others, the first step is to love yourself.

Easier said than done!

This, for me, is one of the most difficult points: despite the progress made since I started my journey, I feel that I still have a long way to go and I want to continue with those of you willing to join and sustain me.

4. Stories of inspiring people to charge you when you need them

Reading stories about other people and their lives was a fundamental point for me in my recovery when I was very down. It gave me motivation and inspiration, it gave me energy and that sense of connection that makes us feel part of the whole.

I want you to have the same possibility 🙂

That’s why I have created a dedicated page full of inspirational stories of extraordinary women.

5. Hope, comfort, empathy, motivation and inspiration

By sharing my personal story, the ups and downs of my rollercoaster journey, I want to prove that it’s not all lost and that there is a community of women ready to support you.


If you feel alone, confused, full of emotions that you can not express and externalize, if you go from one emotional state to another without any logic or apparent reason, if you need a place of your own where to take refuge, if you need someone who listens to you and who shows you empathy, if you want to surround yourself with extraordinary women to draw inspiration from…well, then you’re in the right place… Welcome on board!

Sharing is caring!

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