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Who ‘The Petite Blogger’ is for

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The Petite Blogger Was Specifically Designed for YOU (and here’s why)

I have been spending the last two years researching, reading, trying, experimenting, hoping to find the elixir for my happiness.

The truth is: it doesn’t exist! Or if it does, I haven’t found it yet… (by the way, if anyone reading this post has found it, I beg you to share it please!!)

But what I have realised is that there are certain things that might alleviate my pain. Some of them work better than others and, most important, there is no ‘one-fits-all-solution’. We are all different, our bodies are all different and so our minds and spirits.

In the last two years, I have come across tons of articles, tips, remedies, people, resources, experiences and now I want to:

  • Put them all together and make them available to as many people as possible
  • Give everyone the opportunity to be informed without any language barrier
  • Help other women living similar experiences
  • Raise awareness so that we can all
    • become aware of what happens to us
    • find the courage to assert our rights
    • talk about it with serenity and communicate correctly with those around us
  • Share my journey so that you can find comfort and practical advice on how to best cope with dark times and learn from my mistakes
  • Create a community of women connected through empathy.

Here I am then! And below I will explain what, why and how all this comes to life!

The Petite Blogger Was Designed for Brave Women With A Voice They Need To Share

In my previous post 5 Things I Want To Help My Audience With I talk about what prompted me to start this blog and who it is for.

This blog was born with the idea of helping all women who need to be heard; who need to learn to love themselves and find a smile again; who live their discomfort in silence; who suffer and cannot find peace; who do not accept their condition; who can’t say ‘NO’: who need to give voice to their heart. All those women who fall, get up and look forward with an extraordinary strength that they don’t even know they have.

This blog wants to reach anyone who experiences this discomfort directly and also families and partners of people experiencing female health issues.

One of the very often underestimated things (which I have learned on my skin) is the support network around us. Often, driven by fear, misunderstanding, pride, we believe that we can do it alone.

I know how it feels, I have done it myself...

My biggest lesson learned:

We all need someone to lend us a hand along the way, especially when the road becomes more difficult. We need a support network

And often the people who are closest to us, who we expect to receive comfort and love from, who we believe know and understand us… well, they don’t have a clue of the hell that we are going through! They have no idea and do not know what to do to help us. Therefore I wish this blog will reach families and partners who want to understand more and be active/proactive in the life of their loved ones.

I created this blog to share my journey of growth giving inspiration and looking for new inspiration myself.

And you? Do you want to share a part of your journey with me? Leave a comment below or send me a message at fr*******@th**************.com 🙂

Sharing is caring!

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