My Journey

Let’s continue from where I left… one year ago…

You might have come across my blog when I started it (nearly a year ago) or you might have noticed that there are a few posts backdated 2019 and then nothing for a very long time till now.

The reason?

Well, life is unpredictable and sometimes hard. It throws challenges at us but, through them, it makes us grow. It’s not an easy process, it takes time, blood and effort but I truly believe that there is always a bigger picture to search for.

Life gets in the way sometimes and that’s fine. It took me time to accept it (and maybe I am still in the process of accepting it) but I love this blog, I love writing and sharing my journey and that’s why I am here again. I won’t let things get in the way and stop me.

Now I want to share my story with you, for the first time ever I will write it down hoping it could be of help and inspiration for anyone of you who might find life a bit tricky at times.

Please make yourself comfortable, prepare a cuppa and have a good read!