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Inspirational Story #Vicki Gotham, Nutritionist

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I am thrilled to introduce you to Vicki Gotham, experienced Nutritional TherapistKinesiology and Bioresonance Practitioner, Weight Management Coach and Emotional Aromatherapy Advisor. She is the most passionate person I have ever met about natural health, nutrition and emotional aromatherapy. Her passion shines through her smiling face. She is positive, approachable and can change your life for the better. (Well, she did with mine!)

Tell us a bit about yourself: where you are from and how you got to where you are today, your passions, etc.

Vicki Gotham nutritionist

I live in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England. When I was younger, I lived away and travelled a lot. That was really my passion: I wanted to see the world. For most of my twenties, I travelled independently, I worked as a tour guide in unique places, which was great, but that was also a turning point in my life as my health started going downhill. I was exhausted and began to feel not very well.

Therefore, I came back home to sort out my health, and it was then that I got into Complementary Medicine. Traditional Medicine didn’t have any answers for the symptoms I was experiencing: dizziness, neurological issue, anxiety, so I went down the non-conventional route. I radically changed my diet, found out I had lots of gut problems, massively detoxified, went sugar-free and grain-free for about two years. I felt a lot better afterwards, and I decided to train in Nutrition to channel my experience into something positive. I thought, “it can’t all be for nothing; why don’t I do this as my profession?“. And that’s how I got into it! It is now my passion: when I have free time, I just watch webinars, read nutritional therapy books and alternative medicines stuff. There’s always so much to learn; the field is developing a lot.

And since I got started, I got off to lots of tangents: nutritional therapy was the main thing I did for years, then I trained in Kinesiology and essential oils. Furthermore, I recently got trained in something new: Bioresonance Therapy. It’s like taking Kinesiology to the next level; it’s incredible. I have just bought an expensive piece of equipment: a machine that can measure the frequencies coming from your body, your hormones, organs, pathogens. It picks up individual frequencies and sees what causes tension. And then, you can use frequencies to treat those tensions, or you can use herbs and supplements. It fits really well into everything I do.

I believe health is so multi-tiers. A good diet is fantastic, and for years I thought it was the key, but there are so many other levels: there’s the emotional one, energetic, resonance, your vibration. That’s where my practice is going at the moment and where all my free time goes as well. And because I love it so much, it doesn’t feel like working, and I always feel bad about asking people for money, believe me!! But I have to… I spent a lot lately!

Tell us about yourself as a Nutritionist and Kinesiology Practitioner. Can you explain what Kinesiology is?

Kinesiology practitioner

Kinesiology, also known as muscle testing, is a therapy that you can do directly on a client. You can use the muscle of their body as a biofeedback mechanism, which allows you to investigate what’s going on in their body.
The brain and the autonomic nervous system control many different functions in our bodies: heart rate, digestion, breathing, and muscle tone. So when the nervous system is in a stress state, your muscle tone will change.

It’s a broad therapy and classed as Alternative Medicine. It’s pretty well used in many different fields of Alternative Medicine, but I found lots of people never heard of it, although it’s been around since the 1960s.

I can test lots of different things. I assess my clients for food intolerances, nutrient deficiencies, gut bugs, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, toxins, heavy metals, pesticides because they can all disrupt the functions of our bodies.

I have a holistic approach (as per Alternative Medicine): I never look at just one particular symptom (even if it’s the one my client comes to me with), but I consider their health history, stresses, toxicity, exposure to chemicals, and digestive system. Are they absorbing their food, digesting it, eliminating it? Are they sleeping well? Are they happy?! There is a massive relationship between those things, and they hugely impact health and the way health can develop. Alternative Medicine and Traditional Medicine are quite different, but it is a shame that they cannot work together because there’s definitely a place for both.

What has been your biggest challenge with your business?

One of my biggest challenges has been my own health. I have been my own best case study! I think if I hadn’t had my health problems, I would not know nearly as much as I do now. So, in a way, it’s been good, and I try to tell myself that. I have various issues going on: toxicity from dental problems, gut issues, mould exposure (which is a scorching topic in Alternative Medicine at the moment) and electromagnetic sensitivity, meaning I am highly sensitive to wireless radiation (not ideal in this world). I keep exposure to those as low as I can in my home, and there are many ways of doing that. Supporting my own health has been a bit of a challenge because sometimes I don’t feel great and have many things to do. But, if you boost your overall health, you can boost yourself a bit.

Family is another challenge: I’ve got two children, seven and ten, and they still need lots of support. Juggling school holidays, work schedules, etc. finding that balance. And finding the time for my own self-care, which I am conscious it’s essential. That’s probably something I struggle with more than anything: giving myself a break. Because there’s always something to do for somebody else. And there’s always something you could be doing for pushing your business forward. And I feel hypocritical at times because I tell all of my clients to take some time for themselves! I think that’s always the case for all women with children and their own business or busy jobs.

What would you say is the secret ingredient for your business to be successful?

Sometimes when people come to me with serious chronic health issues (and it seems that the number of complicated cases is increasing), I think it’s good to give people realistic expectations. Sometimes, it might not just be one consultation, a magic fix. That’s what people mostly expect: to see huge improvements immediately. And sometimes happens, but other times it takes a few appointments, especially for more profound issues.

And also motivate them to keep going is important. There are different layers of health issues: sometimes you think you got it, but sometimes there’s something else going on as well, and you need to go deeper and deeper to get the real root causes.

What is your main audience?

I see clients with all sort of issues: lots of my clients have digestive issues (everybody seems to be bloated these days). I also see clients with weight, hormone and energy levels problems, skin problems, fatigue. About 60% to 70% of my clients are women, and I see lots of men too. And all ages: I see children, teenage girls with stress issues. I have a broad spectrum because I believe I have never specialised.

Do you want to share your favourite book with us? Tell us what’s great about this book.

Oh, I didn’t expect to answer this one! Let me think…

I really like classic novels. If I had to pick my absolute favourite, I say Jane Eyre. I love the story, the book, beautifully written, very atmospheric, a woman who doesn’t have much but strong and brave.

How do you keep your motivation up on a daily basis? Do you have a motivation toolkit?

I use my essential oils a lot. The essence of them really uplifts me, especially the citrus oils. I smell them or put them in the diffuser.

Some days, when I feel a little bit tired and flat, I find that the best thing to do is just doing something. Whatever it is: cleaning the house, doing some work that I have kept putting off for ages, and cleaning the inbox. It gives me motivation; it does get motivational hormones going, a sense of achievement, of having completed a task.

You have mentioned essential oils: do you want to talk a little bit about them?

doTerra essential oils
Photo by doTERRA International, LLC from Pexels

Sure! I got involved with essential oils about four years ago. I went to a ®doTerra essential oils introductory class, and I immediately liked them because of their extraordinary medicinal properties. They are high-grade oils that you can use in many different ways: you can ingest them, use them on your skin, and diffuse them. They have incredibly high vibrational properties, which can help raise our body vibrational frequency.

I use them for pleasure, but I also get some medicinal benefits from them. They are helping me decrease my toxic load because I use them to make my skincare products, clean my house, scent my home, as well as medicines. They are lovely versatile natural health products.

I got then involved with ®doTerra personally to run my own classes and educate people on their benefit. I feel pretty passionate about that. I do like essential oils classes because you empower people with a little bit of information; you provide them with the basis of knowledge that they can then go forward, build on that themselves, and use them independently. The ultimate aim would be to get more people educated in natural health to feel confident about using such things as essential oils regularly to avoid using nasty products. I have used my oils so often to get rid of colds, cough, sinusitis, tonsillitis, headaches, and trouble sleeping over the last few years. You can potentially replace your medicines cabinet with just a few of them.

Tell us about the joy that is in your life right now. What is happiness to you?

I am excited that it’s spring! I love this time of the year, probably most than summer. Summer is always too hot, and I feel it’s too close to winter! I like spring because everything is coming.

I also very excited about the Bioresonance therapy. I am bubbling with excitement about that and how that can help more people.

If you want to find out more about Vicki, you can connect with her here:

Website Healthy approach



I would like to say a special THANK YOU to Vicki for taking the time to tell us her story. She is an inspirational woman who is proof that you can turn your struggles into something positive and make it your passion!

She is fantastic in what she does, and she has been the person, who most than anyone else, has changed my life over the past year. She has been the turning point in my healing journey by giving me so much knowledge about natural health and how I can help my body (and mind) to get healthy. She transformed the way I eat, made me aware of the importance of choosing the suitable ingredient and nutrients, getting rid of toxins around me and introduced me to the fantastic world of ®doTerra essential oils, which have been a life-changing game!

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